Solar water heater

Free Hot Water For Life

Throughout Europe, the Caribbean Islands, and in many Middle Eastern Nations, free energy from the sun has been used for centuries to heat household water. Luckily, awareness in the U.S. is shifting to this common sense solution. The need to convert to sustainable, renewable solar energy is a matter of utmost national importance. In an aid toward detaching ourselves from foreign oil, the U.S. government is making change easy and affordable to homeowners. Today, when you make the switch to solar, you may be eligible to receive a large federal tax credit. You may also qualify for local incentives from your state and local power company. Why? As we learn the true cost of heating our water with electricity or gas and the consequential cost to the environment and our national security, it just seems silly not to rely on this proven, renewable resource.

Why rent your hot water?

If you could turn a portion of your electric bill into an investment, rather than keep it an expense, you would do it, wouldn’t you? That’s what happens when you upgrade to a solar water heater. You can own your own green power plant, and enjoy all the luxury your current water heater provides. The only difference is, you will stop “renting” services from your power company.

Worry-Free Performance

Enjoy your baths even more, knowing that your water is being heated free by the sun’s unlimited energy. Rest assured that your Nuvis water heating system is automatically providing your family with these great benefits: savings, reduced energy consumption, reduced pollution, and even added value to your home.

Why go Solar?

Energy Independence

Save Money

Protect our Future

How Does It Work?

Solar Collector

 Water is pumped from your water heater up through that solar collector on the roof. 

Water Heater

 The water returns back to the water heater ready for use. 

Ready For Use

 The water is now ready for use in your home or business.

How It's Made

How It's Made - Solar Water Heater