Solar Pool Heater

Heat your paradise pool year round.

Just set your automatic controller to your desired pool temperature, and your Solar Pool Heater will do the rest. When the controller senses that there is adequate sunlight to heat the pool, and the pool is cooler than you like, water is automatically diverted to your solar system. As the water flows up through the solar collectors, the sun’s energy heats it. Naturally, using no additional energy. The heated water then flows back into your pool. This cycle continues until your pool reaches the desired temperature.


Have you ever wanted to swim in your pool and discovered that the water was just too cold to enjoy? We’d like to show you our solution to that little problem.


Whether for recreation or relaxation, a warm pool is a great gathering place for family and friends. A solar pool heater will not only make your pool warmer and more comfortable, it will also add months to your swimming season, allowing you to spend more leisure time in your pool. That means more relaxation, more exercise and MORE FUN!!

Why go solar?

For the environment

Heating a pool with precious fossil fuels is a luxury we can no longer afford. FREE ENERGY from the sun not only conserves energy – it protects our environment.

For the savings

Traditional electric pool heating can cost you  thousands of dollars per year. By going solar you get to keep that money.

To extend the season

A properly sized and installed solar system that can double your swim season and raises the pool temperature as much as 10-15 °F.

How It Works

Check out this great video