Solar photovoltaic

Solar Photovoltaic (pv)

The Sunshine State

When it comes to installing Solar Panels there is no substitute for experience. Unlimited Solar's professional expertise means your Home Solar System investment will be completed on time and provide the maximum energy. Unlimited Solar knows that your Florida Home demands special attention due to the sun, salt, heat, humidity and high winds found in Florida. With years of installations and research you can be certain that every component is the finest silver, copper, aluminum and marine grade stainless steel made specifically for Florida Solar Home Systems.


We can offer you cutting edge technology at a competitive price. We have many financing options, so whatever plan you choose, you’ll save money on your monthly utility bill.


 We strive to provide great products by brands you already know and trust for the best quality. Product quality is rapidly becoming an important competitive issue.   The superior reliability of our american products will give you peace of mind.

How Solar Photovoltaic Works

How Solar Panels Work

How It's Made

How It's Made - Solar Panels

Why Go Solar?

Energy Independence


Our Future

How Does It Work?

Solar Panels

Solar panels harvest the suns energy and Convert it to electricity


 The inverter then converts the DC electricity to AC electricity. This is the electricity that we use in our every day household. 

Grid Tied

 The electricity that is produced will go into your home first. Any extra power will be sent back out to the grid and be given to the customer as a credit. 

PV Solar Products

Solar Panels

String Inverters

Micro Inverters

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