Quick Mount PV


Shingle Roof


E-Mount uses the patented QBlock Elevated Water Seal Technology® to provide superior waterproofing on composition/asphalt shingle roofs. Priced at a modest premium over commodity roof mounts, E-Mount makes it possible to deliver Quick Mount PV quality even on price-sensitive jobs. It is backed by solid engineering and certified for strength and waterproofing by the ICC-ES (ICC-ESR-3744).All stainless steel hardware included for fast, single bolt installation. 25-year Limited Product Warranty.

Tile Roof


The QBlock® patented Elevated Water Seal Technology® offers optimal waterproofing for tile roofs. Fully engineered universal base mount provides clean, fast installation without messy tile grinding or cutting. Universal base mount with integral deck level flashing is fully adjustable, and can be oriented to the left or right for proper rafter location. The base mount also features an innovative track to position the post for optimal location under tile. Pre-formed flashing and Elevated Water Seal Technology® provides code-compliant deck level waterproofing.

Quick Mount Water Seal Technology

Quick Mount Shingle Installation

Quick Mount Shingle Conduit Installation

Quick Mount Tile Replacement

Quick Mount Tile Installation

Quick Mount Tile Conduit Installation

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S-5 Mounts for Metal Roofs


S-5! provides the easiest, most cost-effective way to install solar panels directly to standing seam metal roofs. Our S-5-PV Kit boasts an important breakthrough in PV mounting technology. It is one of the first solar module mounting solutions in the industry to be listed to the new UL Subject 2703, a standard that covers both bonding and mounting. S-5! clamps and brackets are extraordinarily versatile and allow you to attach almost anything to standing seam, exposed-fastened and corrugated metal roof profiles. Our clamps offer durability and reliability unequaled by adhesives that degrade over time with heat cycles, UV radiation and ozone. Each clamp style has been laboratory tested on a variety of seam types, profiles, and materials to determine ultimate tensile failure loads parallel and perpendicular to the panel seam. Competitors’ products don’t even come close!